Salty Fact hot sauce and sodium

How Much Sodium Is In Your Favorite Hot Sauce?


Mckenzie Ellis

You ever wonder how much sodium is actually in some of your favorite hot sauces?

There's a good chance you haven't really thought about it, and I don't blame you. Sodium is often overlooked because we tend to pay more attention to fat and sugar content when reviewing the label. When comparing hot sauces, sodium is one thing we should definitely examine. Take a look at the table below and see for yourself.

Ranking of Some of the Most Popular Hot Sauces by Sodium Content 2018

Hot Sauce Sodium Comparison

If you're anything like me (lover of food, hot sauce, and puppies) then I can almost guarantee that you're using way more than just a tsp of hot sauce on each meal. This is perfectly okay if you're using a low sodium hot sauce, but check the label next time so you don't end up consuming way more salt than your body needs. A little sodium in your diet isn't bad, in fact it's actually necessary, but too much sodium isn't that great and may leave you feeling bloated like a balloon. Excess sodium will cause your body to retain extra water so stick with a lower sodium option if you want to remain bloat free!

Watch out for sneaky sodium on your pantry shelves. Hot sauce can have upwards of 460mg per serving (I.e. Frank's Hot Sauce) look for hot sauce with 35mg per serving like #tabasco next time your at the store 🌶 ⠀

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