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The Low Salt  Lifestyle

Low Salt Kitchen is more than a food blog with recipes. #TheUnsaltedLife is a lifestyle: it's how we think, live, and eat. That's why you’ll always find great content that reflects the importance of living out a low sodium healthy lifestyle and everything in between.

The Unsalted Life

The Low Salt Journal

5 Secrets People on a Low-Salt Diet Swear By

Here’s how to get salt savvy and avoid salt bombs in your diet.

Planted-Based Substitutions and a Low Sodium Diet

Meat substitutes are often loaded with sodium and not as healthy as we think.
breathing technique

Breathe In 2022

The 4-7-8 Breath also known as the Relaxing Breath
Curry sauce

My 5 Favorite Low Salt Sauces to Spice up any Meal

Finding healthy low salt ways to mix it up
woman sitting on chair

The Low Salt Manifesto

A modern approach to living a low-sodium lifestyle
Mckenzie Ellis's family on a hilltop after a picnic

Why Our Family Went Low Salt

My Breakup with Salt
Soy sauce substitute soy sauce salt healthy tips salty facts meneires disease menieres recipes

Salty Fact - A Great SALTernative to Soy Sauce

A Great SALTernative to Soy Sauce

Salty Fact - Sneaky Salt in Canned Goods

Processed foods are one of the main sources of sodium in the American diet

Salty Fact - Pizza Is One of the "Salty Six"

Pizza is one of the "Salty Six"
Salt in cured meats and cold cuts menieres disease salty facts healthy tips menieres recipes

Salty Fact - Sodium Content in Cold Cuts and Cured Meats

Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Soppressata...
Frozen dinners salt healthy tips salty facts menieres disease menieres recipes

Salty Facts - Seemingly "Healthy" Foods Can Sometimes Pack Absurd Amounts of Sodium

Seemingly "healthy" foods can sometimes pack absurd amounts of sodium
Saltl in Spices health tips Salty Facts menieres disease menieres recipes

Salty Fact - Salt in Spices

Your Guide to Seasonings Without Salt!
Sodium vs potassium salty facts health tip menieres disease menieres recipes

Salty Fact - Sodium Vs Potassium

Sodium and potassium are closely interconnected but have opposite effects in the body
Salty Fact Salt in Soup Health Tips menieres disease meneires recipes

Salty Fact - Salty Soup

Soup is one of the "Salty Six"
Salt in your meat menieres diesease menieres recipes salty fact health tip

Salty Fact - Extra Salt Might Be Lurking In Your Meat

Extra salt might be lurking in your meat

Salty Fact - Are Himalayan pink salt and sea salt are healthier than table salt?

Are Himalayan pink salt and sea salt are healthier than table salt?
Salty Fact Meat substitutes health tip salt in meat substitutes menieres diesease meneieres recipes

Salty Fact - Is There Too Much Salt in Meat Substitutes?

Is There Too Much Salt in Meat Substitutes?
Brine salt in chicken salty facts on chicken menieres diesease menieres recipe

Salty Fact - Salt in Chicken

Sodium occurs naturally in all chicken, about 100-300mg per 1 lb.
Salty Sports Drink Menieres Disease Salty Tips

Salty Fact - Sports Drinks

Salty Facts sports drinks menieres diesease salty tips
Salty Fact low salt diet healthy salt tips Menieres disease menieres recipes

Salty Fact - Club Soda

Whether you’re trying to cut back on high-calorie beverages, mixing up a vodka...
salty facts low salt diet health facts meneires disease menieres recipe

Salty Fact - Sodium in Medicines

If you’re watching the amount of salt in your diet, like my family...
Salty Fact low salt diet healthy salt facts menieres disease menieres recipes

Salty Fact - Processed Foods

Processed food is the #1 culprit in the over-consumption of salt
Salty Facts low salt diet healthy salt facts menieres disease menieres recipes

Salty Facts - Cereal

Some of the biggest surprises in terms of sodium are breakfast cereals 🧂
Salty facts low salt diet menieres disease healthy facts

Salty Fact - Mozzerella

Our brain's 'reward center' releases dopamine when we eat salty foods like cheese...

Salty Fact - Carrots

Perhaps this Easter you ate like a rabbit 🐰 nibbling up carrots 🥕
salty foods

Sources of Salt & How To Cut Back

How much is too much salt?
Healthy Super Bowl Food

Touchdown! 7 winning low salt foods for your Super Bowl celebration

Score the winning touchdown with these (un)salty fan favorites.

For the Love of Salt

Be thankful for the tough times for they shape us into the people we are meant to...
woman in garden

Start a Garden and Harvest the Health Benefits

Why To Start A Garden On A Low Salt Diet
Green peppers on cookie sheet

Eat Less Salt & Enjoy the Spice of Life

My #1 Ingredient to Spice Things Up - “Hatch” The Layers of Flavor
woman stretching

Tips on How to Feel Your Best, Fuel Your Body and Live a Low Salt Lifestyle

A Low Salt Protein Bar - Welcome to Vukoo®
hands holding cup

Explore The Unknown

The journey to live a low salt lifestyle
Blurry and dizzy airport scene

Does Low Salt Cure Ménière’s Disease?

There's no cure for Ménière's, but a Low Salt diet is pretty darn close.

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“I was struggling! We were new to eating a low salt diet after my husband's quadruple by-pass surgery. I was anxious to create our new normal diet, but with Mckenzie’s recipes and guidelines I know it’s possible! I am so glad I found your website and Instagram, thank you!!!"


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"As a life-long salt lover, it never occurred to me that I could enjoy all of my favorite foods without salt. Low Salt Kitchen totally changed the way I cook! I'm much more conscious of what I put in my food and how I shop at the store. And best part, my family hasn't even noticed the difference in my cooking!"


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