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Does Low Salt Cure Ménière’s Disease?


Mckenzie Ellis

Unfortunately, there's no true cure for Ménière's. Thankfully, there is a way treat the condition with great success – going Low Salt.

One of the most important proactive treatments a Ménière’s patient can do to prevent another episode from reoccurring is to follow a very low sodium diet of about 1,000mg per day.

After experiencing second hand what my husband endured when suffering a Ménière's attack, diminishing salt out of our diet didn’t seem so tasking. Going Low Salt has made an incredible difference in my husband's quality of life, so much so that I started Low Salt Kitchen to share what I've learned with the world. And it's not just me...

“My first Ménière’s attack I was convinced I was dying of a brain tumor. But thanks in part to my low sodium diet and Low Salt Kitchen’s recipes, I’ve been symptom free for 8 months, my longest run yet! :)” – Rebecca
“I’m so glad I found Mckenzie and Low Salt Kitchen! I was recently diagnosed with Secondary Ménière’s Disease. I have been put on a low sodium diet and thankful I found your Instagram to try some new recipes for my new diet!” – Lacy
"Low Salt Kitchen is an awesome resource for people suffering from Meniere's disease. Meniere's is incredibly debilitating and rare, so finding a community of people to share ideas and practices with is helpful. Very few people understand what someone with Meniere's is going through, and sticking with a very low salt diet is highly unusual so it is helpful to have resources on ideas of what foods to avoid and how to still enjoy your meals while on the low salt diet. – Aaliyah
“I was diagnosed with Ménière’s Disease almost 2 years ago. During the time of active attacks, the vertigo was debilitating, and I had to watch my sodium intake. With Mckenzie’s recipes and her low sodium strategies, combined with medication, has helped me stay episode free- so far 🤞🏼” – Marie
“I have Ménière’s Disease and it’s truly debilitating. I follow Low Salt Kitchen for ideas on low salt recipes, strategies and how to eat clean...I’m in it for the long haul now!” – Rachel
“Mckenzie gave me guidance and direction with my low salt diet. My first Ménière’s episode was the start of a life altering event. My family and I decided to go on an extreme low salt diet, even my kids were all on board so mom could feel better.” – Becky
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